Henry Clay

Breva Fina · 6.5 × 48 HCBF

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Long, lean, and loaded with traditional tobacco taste, the handmade premium Henry Clay Breva Fina is built in a 6.5 x 48 size and offers a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile that is a solid choice for smokers searching for bolder Dominican cigars.

Handrolled with high-quality Dominican long-filler tobaccos and finished with rich and rugged Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper in an intense and inviting dark-brown color, the Henry Clay Breva Fina handmade premium cigar features a robust recipe and is packed in boxes of 25 cigars, each flavorful, earthy, and an all-around excellent selection for the cigar enthusiast shopping online to buy a slim yet sizeable cigar with a true taste of traditional tobacco history.

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Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full

Dark Brown / Maduro

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So bad looking I just sent em back

Jofseattle on 11/12/15

Wow. The cigars were just plain unpresentable- squashed out of shape, inconsistant in color, a few with ragged/chipped edges (no cellophane) and several with a slight banana curve to them. I just sent them back and ordered another brand. I hope the box i got was just a fluke...


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They're back!!!

bfrank53 on 10/26/15

I'm updating my previous review. What happened? They must have listened to me! Or at least to somebody because these cigars have returned to their previous level of excellence. Tight construction, hot pointed ash. They're back! I've bought a couple of boxes recently and they're as good as before.


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Very nice smoke

Wolfman on 10/05/15

This cigar burns well, has a good draw, decent smoke output and great flavor transitions. Actually had a meaty type hearty note. Very good...


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Did they listen? Either way, they fixed the problem

bfrank53 on 10/01/15

Since my June 1st review of this cigar I've taken a chance and bought two more boxes. What a difference. The cigar is once again superbly constructed with tight, full construction and excellent draw. Did they read my review? I'd sure like to think so. Or maybe the problems I had with these cigars were due to a temporary problem with quality control. Either way...it's smokable again.