Havana Blend

Rothschild · 5 × 50 HBR

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Can there still be Havana tobacco from the crop of 1959? Personally, I think there’s a better chance of me playing center field for the Yankees next season… but what do I know; I’ve only been doing this my entire freakin’ life. Anyway, we were offered a 6.00 x 50 toro-sized cigar that was actually made in San Antonio, Texas, by the nation’s oldest cigar factory, and they (not me) claim these cigars are made with vintage 1959 Havana tobacco that was bought from the Wally Frank Company years and years ago. That claim struck a bell somewhere in my head and that’s why I decided to buy these up. The “bell” was the fact that I remembered that Wally Frank, an old-time New York retailer, owned a cigar factory in Kingston, NY, where he made these Havana-filler cigars in the 1970s... so maybe these guys are on the up and up. In any event, it’s worth a try just to see what the heck this stuff is. And, at these prices for a box of 25, whaddaya got to lose?
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Also available as Churchill, Toro.

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