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Meticulously mixed by Ted’s Cigars and up for grabs one at a time, the Grand Marnier Torpedo is not only a premium handmade cigar with a skillfully shaped tapered head, but also a creative cocktail of top-quality tobaccos with the citrus splash of luxurious Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge liqueur. If you’re shopping online to buy a unique handmade shaped smoke that is both refreshing and refined, then you may want to add a few Grand Marnier Torpedo cigars to your JR order with our convenient and cost-effective single-cigar purchase option.

Handcrafted with premium Dominican long-filler tobaccos surrounded by an Ecuador Sumatra binder, the Grand Marnier Torpedo is expertly finished with a smooth Cuban Corojo EMS wrapper leaf in a soft brown color. Elegantly placed in gleaming glass tubes that keep these premium cigars’ condition as fresh as the zesty orange-liqueur flavors within the blend, the Grand Marnier Torpedo features a medium-bodied strength profile that easily appeals to the preferences of all kinds of smokers while adding a thirst-quenching shot of top-quality tapered-cigar style to any happy hour…with or without a favorite cocktail.

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Cuban Corojo

Ecuador Sumatra

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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A Sweet Delight

Rick on 06/15/15

I love this cigar. I used to get Makers Mark torpedoes which are very good. Saw these at a liquor store I frequent bought one and ordered a box that night. They are cheaper at JR. I love the sweetness and overall scent of the smoke. Coming in glass tubes, no worries about a humidor. I only smoke them for about five minutes a night while walking the dog for it's late night relief. I cut the the burnt end off with my Colibri and they fire right up and last me five or six days. A wonderful cigar.


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Grandma's fave

Mfos on 06/17/15

Grand Marnier…… What else is there to say if you like your cigars mauled by orange cognac just as you like your cognac mauled by sugar and sweet orange, go for it


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Loved it

Bassnhockey on 06/19/15

5 star smoke! Are there better smokes for the money? Perhaps. But the flavor and draw on this stick is hard to beat


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not for me

t_dub on 07/06/15

I have not yet had an alcohol infused cigar I've liked. I enjoy Grand Marnier so I thought I would like this but the taste was too harsh.


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Bigdant on 06/18/15

This cigar was given to me at a wedding recently and boy was it good. Maybe it was all the scotch I drank but heaven


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I'll pass thanks

Cigarmedic on 07/16/15

Ok I like cigars and I like to drink. I do not like to smoke what I'm drinking. Sounds like a good pairing but to me I would rather keep my booze my booze and my cigar my cigar. Perhaps my pallet is not sophisticated enough to discern the flavor profiles but it was not the most pleasurable experience for me


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Grand Marnier. Enough Said.

mben342 on 07/21/15

Grand Marnier. Enough said. Medium bodied, with just a slight hint of vanilla. Soft draw and beautiful finish. Enjoy with Grand Marnier neat.


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Good ol' tobacco burn

Eljave35 on 07/21/15

This torpedo was an exceptional smoke. Most glass tube presented sticks I've tried have been pretty good. This particular one was a good solid smoke. Smooth to the touch, classic tobacco aroma, nice slow burn, and a lighter bodied tobacco taste. Good smoke