Genuine Counterfeit Cuban

Robusto · 5 × 50 GCCR

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They aren’t authentic Cuban Cigars, but the Genuine Counterfeit Cuban Robustos are as close as you are going to get to the real deal. On the fuller side in body with intense, spicy, smooth, and balanced flavors that are loaded with Havana-style characteristics, these premium handmade cigars are crafted in Nicaragua with aged potent tobaccos and are just delicious. Buy these cigars online in a cedar chest of 25 at JR Cigar.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Ecuador Sumatra

Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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very happy...cigarman1776

cigarman 1776 on 06/12/15

excellent cigar not for the timid full flavor peppery flavors with notes of wood tobacco a little bit of coffee all around an excellent Stick...made me very happy


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Genuine Counterfeit Cuban Robusto

Da Critta on 06/24/15

Decent smoke that is well made and has a good draw. I bought a box thru the auction a good price and it is worth noting it was boxpressed unlike the five packs.


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Counterfeit Cubans

bmoessen on 06/24/15

A really well made tasty stogie with plenty of flavor. I'm not familiar with pre-embargo Cuban cigars, so I haven't a clue how close these come to Cuban cigars made fifty years ago, but they ARE a recommended smoke.