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They aren’t authentic Cuban Cigars, but the Genuine Counterfeit Cuban Perfectos are as close as you are going to get to the real deal. On the fuller side in body with intense, spicy, smooth, and balanced flavors that are loaded with Havana-style characteristics, these premium handmade cigars are crafted in Nicaragua with aged potent tobaccos and are just delicious. Get a cedar box of 25 of these unique-shaped Cuban knockoffs today on the JR Cigar website.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Ecuador Sumatra

Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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Squished But Close To Exquisite

JV on 10/05/15

I assume this is another Perdomo product and it reflects their good reputation. Only disappointing thing about this cigar is it isn't really 'square pressed', it's 'square squished' and that makes it a difficult draw in the beginning. Make it like the 58GO and I'm a fan for life.


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Not the best

Mark5150 on 09/24/15

When I purchased these, I was expecting much more. Hardly no flavor, complexity was non-existent. Burn and construction was decent, but as a whole, I did not like them at all.


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Sometimes a fake is just a fake.

Winston on 11/28/15

The squashed shape is reminiscent of a carpenter's pencil. Flavor is rather one-dimensional. Stick gets soft and spongy toward the end of this fast and overpriced gimmick-smoke. Cuban? Not even close.


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Counterfeit Cuban

CigarJunkie on 09/30/15

Wonderful surprise. Sweet construction. Even burn. Leathery, spice and earth. Full bodied and full of smoke.


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RubRDukY on 09/24/15

My brother picked up one of these a few weeks back at the local. I took a few tokes off of it. He really enjoyed it but it wasn't my thing. Pretty wrapper and good construction. I'm personally leary of anything with "CUBAN" in the name. Seems gimmicky to me. It wasn't bad for a 2dollar smoke. I have no idea what he paid tho.