Casa de Garcia Connecticut

Corona · 5.5 × 44 GAC2

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This Corona, packaged in a bundle of 20, is perfect for the mild smoker who is looking for something quick. Its blend of aged tobaccos from Honduras and the Dominican make its light and smooth. It then uses a light Connecticut wrapper, which gives it that creamy and nutty taste. If you’re looking for something fast, mild, and delicious…this corona is the one for you.
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Bundle of 20

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 Buy 2 bundles, get 10 Casa de Garcia Connecticut Petite Coronas, valued at $62.50, absolutely free!





Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic / Honduras

Dominican Republic


Light Brown / Natural

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Wont buy again.

DailySmoker00 on 08/29/16

Not a good bang for the buck in my oppinion, decent flavor but not good enough to make up for the unreliable construction. More often then not they were too tight. If you buy a bundle at least buy a Churchill size so you can trim off any knots and keep smokin em. I generally don't like cheaper cigars at this gauge as I feel there is much higher of a chance of hard/impossible draws.


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To tight

Paul on 02/15/17

Wrapped to tight. Have tossed five. Have 20 more. If the rest are to tight and I cannot get them to draw will not buy again. The 44s are wonderful my favorite.