Flor de Gonzalez

Lonsdale · 7 × 44 FGL

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Crafted in Nicaragua by a family with a tobacco history that stretches back to pre-embargo Cuba, the Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale is a long and lean 7 x 44 handmade cigar finished with a striking Ecuador Sumatra EMS wrapper leaf in a lush medium-brown color. Inside is a "sandwich" blend of expertly rolled quality Nicaraguan tobaccos surrounded by an Indonesian binder leaf that adds to the smoothness of the Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale's mild-to-medium strength profile and flavorful nutty notes.

Packed in economical bundles of 25 cigars, the handmade Flor de Gonzalez Lonsdale is always a popular choice for savvy smokers looking to save on easygoing and enjoyable smokes when buying cigars online.

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Ecuador Sumatra




Mellow - Medium

Medium Brown / EMS

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Loosely rolled.

Shannon on 06/29/16

Flavor is nothing special. Very loose cigar. Falls apart and pieces of tobacco will end up in your mouth and on your teeth. Will not buy again.


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Chewing tobacco

hotsocket on 05/28/17

I usually ignore really bad reviews but don't ignore this one. These are the worst cigars I have ever bought and I buy a lot of different cheap cigars. The Riatas and Casa de Garcias are pretty good cigars, followed by the somewhat mediocre JR Alternatives - and then, at the very bottom, are these. These fall apart beginning the moment you put one in your mouth. They are very loosely rolled with filler that is seldom more than a 1/4" in length. Immediately the end starts coming apart in your mouth with bits of tobacco getting under your tongue and between your teeth. From that point forward you spend more time spitting out bits of tobacco than you do smoking em. If you like chewing on small bits of tobacco these are for you. Otherwise, avoid em like the plague.