Flor de A. Allones

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Available for sale one at a time (as well as in cedar chests of 25 uncellophaned cigars) and handmade in a slender yet solid 5.65 x 46 size surrounded by a deep-brown Ecuador Sumatra EMS wrapper leaf, Flor de A. Allones Favoritas premium cigars are bold and hearty Havana-style smokes crafted with top-quality Honduran and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. Featuring a full-bodied strength profile, Flor de Allones Favoritas offer a substantial smoking experience with a long, luxurious finish.

Easy and economical to add to an existing JR Cigar order with our convenient single-cigar purchase option, Flor de A. Allones Favoritas are a sure thing for cigar fans shopping around to buy heavy-bodied handmade Havana-style cigars online, and a smart selection for smokers who like a satisfyingly strong premium handmade cigar in a slighter size and shape.

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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Honduras / Nicaragua



Medium Brown / EMS

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Nice go to

Dakota on 04/18/15

Very good cigar, occasional loose packed but nice full flavor . Chocolate light cedar and leather. Decent finish.


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PhantomPhlyer on 07/10/16

I have been smoking Flor de A. Allones cigars for about the past five years, both the regular cigars and the vintage collection offered by JR. Repeat and continual purchases should say something about how much I enjoy these cigars, but I will take this occasion to add to the praise for the Favoritas that I bought. To me, they are a perfectly balanced combination of strength with body. Excellent flavor that comes through in spite of the fact that they are not what most would consider to be a "strong" cigar. The Favoritas is my favorite vitola. They always give me a good burn, easy draw and an all-around good smoke. If you haven't tried them, I suggest that you do. I don't think you will be disappointed.