Diamond Crown Maximus

Pyramid No. 3 · 6.38 × 50 DIM3

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Styled in a sharply tapered 6.38 x 50 shape, the Diamond Crown Maximus Pyramid No. 3 is a premium luxury cigar handmade with a top-of-the-line tobacco blend created by the famed Carlos Fuente Jr. to fill the needs (and humidors) of fans of fuller-bodied blends in fine luxury cigars.

Packed in boxes of 20 cigars, the Diamond Crown Maximus Pyramid No. 3, like all cigars in the limited-edition Diamond Crown Maximus collection, is handcrafted with the boldest and heartiest dark Dominican long-filler leaf from the upper-corona portion of the premium plants cultivated at the esteemed Oliva family's El Bajo farm. Finished with a sun-grown Ecuadorian EMS wrapper in a lush and earthy deep-brown color, the Diamond Crown Maximus Pyramid No. 3 displays a full-bodied strength profile, making for a refined yet rugged smoking experience that not only earned an impressive score in Cigar Snob magazine, but also is popular with seasoned smokers shopping for sophisticated strength when buying skillfully shaped luxury cigars online.

Rated 91 by Cigar Snob in 2013 (September/October)

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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Diamond Crown Maximus Double Belicoso # 10

Scott on 08/01/17

This review is for the Diamond Crown Maximus Double Belicoso No. 10... Once again, "full bodied" does not have to equate to "harsh" in describing a fine cigar's flavor... The DC DB 10 has a remarkably smooth, velvety taste that it maintains well throughout the smoke. I my estimation, it ranks with the Cohiba N54 in taste quality, which for me, is close to perfection! The number 10 has a slightly more edgy flavor; while the Cohiba evokes images of an elegant British leather-bound smoking room, the Number 10 brings to mind more of a western USA cattle or railroad baron's sanctuary from the late 19th century...a little more rowdy, a little more spirited...but no less well-behaved...no harshness here...for some odd reason, as soon as I see the word "spicy" used to describe a cigar's taste, I do, from past experience, equate the term with "harsh"...like taking a draw on a hot pepper... However, have no fear, the Diamond Crown Double Belicoso No. 10 has no such "spiciness"...it is simply a marvelously opulent, well-defined, "full-bodied" cigar, without the hot pepper effect! My only issue with the No. 10 was, I got a rather pronounced canoe burn, but this could have been operator error, as I didn't get the best of an even lighting start... So, this cigar, the Diamond Crown Double Belicoso No. 10, along with the Cohiba N54, ranks at the very top of my cigar list.