Dutch Masters Masters Collection

Palma Foil Box · 5.63 × 42 DFPB

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The Masters Collection Palma from the famous Dutch Masters brand – the best-selling machine-made cigar brand in the USA, is an absolute delight to smoke. You’ll just love the mild, sweet, and aromatic flavors of classic, rich tobacco. They are individually wrapped in foil and available in boxes of 55 on the JR Cigar website – the world’s largest cigar store.
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Natural Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

Puerto Rico


Light Brown / Various

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OK, not great.

Santos on 10/06/15

I've smoked a number of these under "emergency" circumstances. I understand the convenience and the cost is attractive, but I'd rather go with a cheap bundle. These are OK, they're too mild for my tastes, construction and draw are OK. I think you can get better flavor and satisfaction by paying the same, or a bit more, with a bundle.


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Love the Dutch M.

BobG. on 09/14/15

This is a great machine made cigar. Smooth, Mild and very consistent quality. Easy Smoke.