Dutch Masters

Cigarillos Wine · 4.5 × 28 DFCW2P

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The Cigarillos Wine from the famous Dutch Masters brand – the best-selling machine-made cigar brand in the USA, is an absolute delight to smoke. You’ll just love the mild, sweet, and aromatic flavors of classic, rich tobacco and fruity wine. They are available in units of 40 (2 fresh-loc foil packs of 20) on the JR Cigar website – the world’s largest cigar store.
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20 packs of 3 (60 Total)

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Natural Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

Puerto Rico


Light Brown / Natural

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to small

alkas007 on 06/20/15

This cigar is to small for me, ir is not a long enough smoke to relax. However it tastes good and my wife like the smell of it


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Shame on Dutch Masters

gwkinc on 06/16/17

I usually like most Dutch Masters but not this one.Poorly made, packed too loose & won't stay lit for more than about 10 seconds. There is a reason they are 3 in a pk instead of 2. Save your money on this one