Don Diego Fuerte by Omar Ortez

Churchill · 7 × 54 DDFCH_1

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The Fuerte Churchill, packaged as singles, puts a new hot spin on this famous premium brand once only commonly known for its mild and classic Dominican flavors. The legendary Omar Ortez has taken his blending genius to a new level by creating this potent Cuban style beauty!
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Ecuador Cubano


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua



Medium Brown / EMS

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All around winner

Heywood on 08/24/16

This is one of the best cigars I've come across in a long time, and that's saying something because I go through a lot of cigars. It has a beautiful rich, sweet flavor that's indicative of high quality blends. Smokes perfectly and is balanced all the way through. Also remarkably cool smoking. Nice complexity in the rich tobacco flavor with an overall sweet cocoa taste and short finish. The flavor of this cigar hit it right on the button for me. Easily worth the price and definitely a repeat buy.


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Don Diego Fuerte Churchill

Starlifter71 on 08/03/16

I wanted to splurge for an upcoming special trip, to have some higher grade cigars to share with my friends. I just smoked one today, and I will not be sharing these, as a matter of fact, I would not recommend them to anyone because of the poor taste. Has a slightly plastic taste, only medium strength, no change throughout the whole length. No real tobacco taste, though the cigar is made very well.


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Definitely a buy

Huskerfromthebay on 07/07/15

Was a bit skeptical initially but boy, what a wonderful surprise. The trio of Ecuadorian , Nicaraguan and Dominican truly delivers a smooth, velvety, but yet powerful cigar. It doesn't smoke like your grand daddy's maduro, smooth and palatable even to those who enjoy mild smokes.


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Good to go

AJL on 06/21/15

Solid and full bodied. Good smoke all the way around. Draws well with a good and even burn. will be an excellent choice for a day on the course.