Cedar Room Connecticut Broadleaf

Short Robusto · 4.25 × 54 CRSCSR

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Cedar Room cigars were originally handcrafted for the European market, but ended up being stored in a warehouse called the “cedar room.” Luckily for us, we found these gems just in time to share with the salivating public. And luckily for you, they’ve aged impeccably and now cost much less than their original price.

Shipped in convenient 5-packs and bundles of 20, the collection of Cedar Room cigars is available in a variety of wrappers, fillers and binders so you’ll have no trouble finding the ideal smoke. In fact, most of these gems boast a medium-bodied smoke filled with rich, bold flavors. To help you sift through the inventory, some of the more popular offerings are the figurado, robusto and short robusto.

With Cedar Room cigars, you are buying a piece of cigar history. Designed specifically for top Euro smokers and shops, these beauties are now available to you at an affordable price. Light up and discover the difference today.
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Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro



Dominican Republic

Mild - Medium

Dark Brown / Maduro

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Unique flavor

Heywood on 11/14/15

This is an excellent cigar that you shouldn't hesitate to buy. It's a classy, superbly constructed cigar that smokes well. Burns slowly with a unique leathery flavor that's dry and has notes or oregano. Slightly sweet on the tongue with a drying quality like a high-tannin cabernet. It's a curious flavor profile that's interestingly different, solid tobacco flavor but different enough to be noteworthy. Fits in well if you like to have a variety of flavors in your humidor.


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Cedar Room

Couragekarate on 11/14/15

I've found another morning cigar.


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Oktane on 10/31/15

Very Delicious, burns n taste fantastic, the length is great for right after dinner or a awesome sunset with a delicious drink