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Even small cigar stashes deserve the best of humidor accessories… and with the Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0, you’ll have that “set it and forget it” cigar-storing system that made the Cigar Oasis brand so popular with serious smokers. Able to effectively handle up to 100 of your favorites, and expertly designed in a slim style that mounts to the lid of a small humidor up to 1.5 cubic feet, the Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 Humidifier features a powerful fan, rechargeable battery, LCD display, and more, including optional wi-fi capability. With the Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 Humidifier, storing cigars in a small cigar humidor has never been simper!

Dimensions: 7” x 2.5” x 1”
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the best electric humidifier ever.

The Big E. on 01/30/16

Best electric humidifier has been the best thing to hit my humidor. Like they say set it and forget it. I could tell difference from the electric humidifier and my Foam humidifier I mean let's be honest. The foam humidifiers are crap it and I'll bring too much humidity and then I have to open up the lid let some air out then shut the lid here. So I got tired of it but one guy recommended it and that's cigarobsession. I like to give a shout out to him and after purchasing it I've been fully satisfied with this so if anyone out there has 125 cigar count I would really recommend this. Thank You cigar oasis.


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AlPecora on 11/28/15

Very reliable. . never lose a cigar again ... Adds moisture as needed and keeps your humidor at whatever humidity you set ...I use 70% ...I have cigars in my humidor more than 2 years old ...and they are perfect ... If you have Cubans, Opus X , Davidoff or any valuable cigar.. This is the solution to never having to fuss ...set it and forget it ..add water about every 3 months and that's itc


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Own two of them

cjim on 05/26/16

I now own two of these and they can not be beat. Good product