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If you’re lucky enough to have a stash of 1,000 cigars, you’re smart enough to know that you need a system to keep ’em in smokin’ condition. That’s where the Cigar Oasis Plus Humidifier comes in… storing cigars has never so easy! Specifically intended for super-size cigar selections and larger storage spaces (like cabinets and end-table units up to 10 cubic feet), the Cigar Oasis Plus is outfitted with a real powerhouse of a fan designed to equally humidify five times the cigars as Cigar Oasis’s Excel unit. Made with “set it and forget it” technology, the Plus features an LCD display, low-water indicator and alarm, and lots of optional modern additions like a rechargeable battery and wi-fi capability.

Dimensions: 6” x 3.5” x 2
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The Cigar Oasis is outstanding!

JacksonW on 03/19/15

My first project after retiring the 15th of January, was building a 36"H, 26"W, 16"D, Humi-Cabinet, to house my growing "stick" collection. Glass insert door, 6 trays, all guides, and rails are cedar, with the whole cabinet lined in 1/4" Spanish cedar. It will hold upwards of 800 cigars. The Cigar Oasis Plus was purchased prior to completing the cabinet, as I didn't want to trust this volume to "bricks", which are fine for small storage. Once the cabinet was slowly seasoned, I added the COP, and around 600 cigars. This thing is amazing! All the reviews I could find said, "set it, and forget it". My old gauge was mounted on one of the shelves, as it looks nice through the glass. It proved to be about 20% off, on the low end. I've adjusted it to match the COP, and both have stayed spot on for around a month. The COP rarely runs, as long as the door stays closed. Air circulation, spot on humidity control, and it lets you know if you need water. Awesome! Did I say, set it, and forget it.


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Buy this now!

orlyvai on 08/17/15

Set it and forget it! This thing is awesome!