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Moontrance Torpedo · 6.25 × 50 CMTTO

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Not only is this one of the bigger flavored cigars you can find, it’s one of the only torpedo flavored cigar, making it extra special. A blend of real exotic fruits and a dash of bourbon mix well with the pristine Cameroon wrapper. An all-around terrific cigar, the Moontrance is a must-try. Available in a box of 20.
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Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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corona is better

Moontrance man on 03/06/15

Draws a little hard and isn't staying lit well . Never had any problem with the corona moontrace . Won't do the torpedoes again but very nice flavor and aroma


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Youthful memory of pappy's pipe!

KurtSRQ on 04/20/17

If you've been enjoying cigars for a long time then you've come across many 'a stink face interrupting your moment of unwinding. Well this sweet smelling smoke will cure half of those whiners. It doesn't taste sweet, but it has the aroma of flavored pipe tobacco that many don't mind. My point is if you've got to be where you'd rather not be don't waste your $7-12 dollar cigars on those moments bring these instead while drinking their bourbon. It's a mild cigar that burns even every time and has an easy draw if you cut low enough on the tip. Two tips to share is lose the band cause it's gonna slide off anyway plus slide the taped cedar wrapper off the back end due to being tapered why ruin the wrapper or waste time undoing cute garbage.