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Moontrance Cigarillos · 4 × 30 CMTCI

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These little devils will definitely leave you in a trance. With a tiny smooth smoke that uses authentic bourbon flavor and a real exotic fruit blend, these are mouthwatering little treats. Available in 5 fresh seal tins of 10 cigars for a great price.
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5 Tins of 10 (50 total)

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Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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I don't like coconut

Rich B on 09/07/15

I didn't like it much. It was good that others perceived it more like a pipe than a cigar, because that meant I could smoke it around my wife without it bothering her much. But I thought it smelled too much like coconut, which is odd, because I don't think coconut has anything to do with it. Like many men, stuff that features coconut as one of its key ingredients usually gets the reaction from me, "it's good, except for the coconut." For example, "It think it would be better if it were a six-layer cookie instead of a seven-layer cookie." Anyway, as for the actual taste, I thought it was a bit on the dry and bitter side of the flavor spectrum. Some people might like it, but not me. I'd definitely be willing to try a different CAO flavour, though.


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Recent poor consistency

Areuuvee on 09/01/15

Was my go to flavored cigar but it seems quality control has gone down the crapper. Had a few tins with cherry bomb flavor mixed in with the moon trance labels. Then the last batch I received had little or no flavor.


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Poor Quality

TD on 08/21/17

I have been buying these cigarillos from JR for at least 5 years. The last 2 shipments of these have been substandard. They were rolled very loosely causing the filler to constantly come out in your mouth and also burn much quicker. They were also less flavorful than previous shipments. CAO needs to review their quality control. I will not be purchasing these again unless I'm sure they have improved.


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Strike Out!

Bizwhit on 11/03/15

I bought this after reading a blog article on infused cigars. It had some flavor, but minimal. It wasn't full of flavor like you get from a Kuba Kuba. It tasted liked it sat in the infusing room for 2 hours. The thing that I disliked the most was the fact that I had to suck on the damn thing like my life depended on it and didn't get much smoke. This thing was rolled way too tight. I don't recommend and won't buy anymore.


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mostly good

TX grampy on 08/06/15

I have been ordering these cigars for several years. Majority of the time they are an excellent smoke,very flavorful. But sometimes some of the cigars have NO flavor,almost like smoking a blade of green grass. Are the tobacco leaves not ready for harvesting yet? I will recommend most of the time