Pyramid #84 Ems · 6.12 × 54 CG84_1

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This Pyramid combines the taste and quality of a high-end premium cigar with the cost of a bundled smoke. Medium to full body, it uses the same aged tobaccos found in Excalibur, Punch, or El Rey del Mundo but at a fraction of the cost. This bad boy, packaged as a single cigar, uses a rustic and earthy EMS wrapper for that nice Honduran zest.
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JR Price





Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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not here yet

shadow on 08/10/16

I will be happy to leave a review once the cigars arrive, but I want the BtD chops, and this option will have disappeared by the time I get around to smoking them.


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Good value....

Cigarsmkr1 on 07/27/16

Good everyday smoke....mowing grass...working outside. Good value for the buck. I've smoked them for years with no complaints.


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Not a good as they used to be

RMyrvold on 05/19/16

This was of the first cigars I bought from JR's about 15 years ago. They were outstanding way back then. But about five years ago, they started slipping in quality, consistency and taste, so I stopped ordering them. So it's been five years, so decided to try a bundle again. Big mistake, still have same problems. Also a problem I have noticed with all cheaper pyramid cigars, and that is the pyramid foot is compressed to tight. You have to chop 3/4 in of the foot to get decent draw. You might as well save money and order Robustos. The cigar construction looks great, but the foot problem, about half were plugged and only about five in the bundle had decent taste. Might try again in another five years.


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Inexpensive but good

Michael on 04/12/16

Great buy for the buck. Good everyday cigar


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Superb cigar....

Smoky 305 on 03/11/16

Consuegra makes an awesome cigar that is really outstandingly tasty when paired with a "quality" coffee brew. The burn is ideally even. The construction is great and the foot clips perfectly with a dual blade Xikar cutter. I'll be sure to create space in my humidor for this one.