Robusto Zavala #72 · 5 × 54 CG723

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A peppery little smoke, this thick robusto is perfect for a quick smoke with a lot of flavor. From the creators of the El Rey del Mundo, this factory second is of the highest quality at the lowest cost. Its dark Honduran Maduro wrapper makes it rich, robust, with hints of cocoa, and cedar. An outstanding and affordable smoke, buy a bundle of 25 now and taste the goodness.
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Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full

Dark Brown / Maduro

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I used to compare expensive cigars to these.

budbud on 05/28/15

I smoked these for years and they used to be a great cigar. I loved these cigars. Within the last year I ordered 4 bundles and each one of them were lousy after about smoking half of the cigar.The rest of it tasted like cigar ash. I used to smoke them within 3/4 in. I really don't want to order anymore of them. After many years of great smokes now they aren't. I'm so disappointed.


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Great Value

JR fan from the good ol' days on 05/24/15

If you buy Consuegras understand that they are not all homeruns. Sometimes they are just pretty good, but still a great value. Sometimes they are fantastic, like the bundle of 72s that I have. First these maduros are oily. Dry maduros usually taste like they look. This bundle I got is perfect. Flavor matches the beautiful wrapper and the draw and burn are excellent. $40 for 25 will not be beat, just know sometimes you will get a dud. Save those for fishing or lawn mowing.


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A must try!

mary2stan on 11/02/15

You can't beat this smoke. This is JR's best bargain hands down. Except for the ring you'd swear you were smoking the factory 's top of the line. Cedar, leather and cocoa dominate.


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Value for the $$

DickW on 09/07/15

A few duds in each bundle, but the rest make it a great value cigar.


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KT on 08/11/15

These are always a great value. It is a good cigar to smoke while you are working in the shop or garage. They are a cigar for under two dollars that is 80% as good as many of the five to eight dollar cigars.