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Eileen's Dream Cigarillos · 4 × 30 CEDCI

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Another fantastic and tasty Cigarillo from CAO. The Eileen’s Dream uses premium Cameroon and Dominican tobaccos that create a flavor profile that will knock your socks off. A combination of vanilla coffee, cocoa, and Irish whiskey make this the perfect little smoke. Packaged in 5 tins of 10.
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5 Tins of 10 (50 total)

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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Acid Clones

1949jerry on 06/06/17

Close to acid brand. Price is better. Nice not to need a cutter.


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Follow up...

zooid on 04/20/17

Have since coughed up the bucks for Drew Estate's Tabak Especial Cafecitas (TECAT) and the Eileen's Dreams are superior in every way and $20 less expensive per 5x10 tins. ...unless you're just in to *looking* like you enjoy cigars/are a cigar band elitist. The Dreams are entirely more tasty -- both in coffee flavor and tobacco smoothness -- than the pricier Tabaks.


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2nd review...

zooid on 03/14/17

...first one never showed up on the page. This will be my last review, ever, for JR if this one doesn't show up... I guess these are aimed at females(?). I -- a 58-year old male -- love these as much as I love females; so, mebbe *that's* what they had in mind? Very nice short-format cafe-au-lait flavored cigar. Aroma is there pre-light and lasts a decent way through the stick. Loosely filled and rolled, the whole thing burns in under 15 minutes but maintains it's construction pretty well, with a little deformation toward the end due to man-fingers(?). I recommend them to anyone looking for a somewhat pricey ($1+ per) but enjoyable smoke in an attractive format. Still cheaper than Cafecitas.