Casa Blanca

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The Casa Blanca cigar is a handmade, mild smoke that hails from Santiago, Dominican Republic. In the mild to medium range, these cigars pack a creamy taste, smooth drag, and very flavorful punch that you won’t soon forget. To get a little more specific, the Casa Blanca cigars below have two main distinctions: the Natural cigars feature a silky Connecticut Broadleaf/Shade leaf, while the Maduro variety boasts a very dark, yet mellow-tasting leaf. You simply cannot go wrong with either choice.

On top of general popularity amongst customers, Casa Blanca cigars are widely considered one of the best mild-bodied blends to come out of Santiago. And we’d tend to agree. To put it simply, this smoke is made for the mild smoker looking for a smooth, creamy, flavorful experience. Fill up your humidor, or light up a single today.
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Light Brown / Natural

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A Winner

Kim on 11/18/15

Bought on auction , good buy for a enjoyable Mild smoke


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Excellent for this flavor profile and cost

Heywood on 10/18/15

This is a great tasting, creamy, mellow smoke that lacks a little complexity, but is smooth to the end and you can't put it down. If you like Mac or D. Diego you should buy these. Well worth the affordable price.


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Mild and smooth

Lew on 10/16/15

I like a mild cigar. The one is now my standard order.


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Not For Me

AJRJR on 09/18/15

Tried these for the first time a few days ago.Not for me had very little flavor. But very Mild if you like a Mild smoke.