Casa Blanca

De Luxe · 6 × 50 CBDLB3

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A gorgeous black and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper covers our very popular Casa Blanca De Luxe Maduro. Nestled beneath this fabulous leaf is a thick Mexican binder and choice Dominican filler tobaccos. This mellow beauty has notes of cream, cocoa, nuts, and caramel and a hint of spice. Mild maduro enthusiasts have been devoted to these cigars for over 30 years! Sold in reasonably priced bundles of 20.
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Connecticut Broadleaf


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Dark Brown / Maduro

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Great Choice HIGH Value

Neil B. on 06/24/15

I was introduced to Casa Blacas through the 10-pack Half Jeroboam from my local tobacconist. I appreciated the value for the price and decided to try other sizes, and have been happy I did. The toro sized deluxe maduro has become my GO TO cigar when I don't have the money for the more elite smokes that I like (I to, like CB 6X50 am a Fuente fan). I have only had one bad batch of CBs and they came from another distributor that I used once on a recommendation. They where poorly stored and gave results similarly described by Bruce A. I have never had a bad batch from JR. Surprisingly mellow or a Maduro leaf and has an even burn and mild aftertaste. Give these and the light wrapper deluxe a taste and one of them may give you many hours of smoking pleasure without breaking the bank.


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Great for the price

memgim on 09/03/15

Not as dark as most Maduro cigars, but still a Maduro. Very good construction with a surprising even burn. Flavor was pretty consistent little coffee but mostly a classic tobacco.


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memgim on 08/16/15

I was pleasingly suprised with this cigar. The construction was very good. Which pondered me a little with the draw being just a little tight. Thecfavor however was consistent with nice mild creamy taste with just a hint of sweet spice. To be considered a Maduro it seemed a little light on color and the wrapper was a little dry compared to other Maduros. All in all a quality cigar.


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rustic maduro

ginnedup on 07/01/15

This is a pretty solid smoke. Not great but good. Wrapper is rustic compared to the naturals I've had. Flavor is pleasant with chocolate a nice cigar taste. I bought these on special but a bit pricier than I normally spend on an everyday smoke. All in all not bad but not as good as expected.


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Consistently Good

Asher13 on 06/29/15

This cigar is consistently mild, aromatic (often given compliments) and enjoyable to smoke. They are easy on the pocketbook. Been buying them off-and-on for several years. They have not disappointed me.