Alec Bradley Black Market

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Since founding Alec Bradley Cigars in 1997, Alan Rubin’s unique, premium cigars have drawn the attention of aficionados and enthusiasts all over the world. From the ground breaking Tempus to the acclaimed Cigar Aficionado “Best of 2011” Prensando, Alec Bradley cigars are consistently among the highest rated cigars in the industry.

The core of the Alec Bradley Black Market cigar contains a rich combination of Honduran and Panamanian tobacco, a flavorful binding from Sumatra, and a potent, slightly spicy Nicaraguan wrapper. Just to emphasize, that’s an unheard of, delicious four-country blend. As soon as you light up the Black Market, it develops a thick plume of creamy smoke as the fusion invigorates the senses with a balanced combination of spice and pepper. A slow burn and dry finish cap the cigar off very nicely.

This premium cigar boasts that would sit pretty in your humidor next to its brothers, the Presando and Tempus. Try the Alec Bradley Black Market in your choice of Churchill, Robusto and Torpedo.
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Ecuador Sumatra


Honduras / Nicaragua



Dark Brown / Maduro

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A solid Smoke

Malicore on 05/20/15

This is a very decent cigar to bring about to parties or casually smoke while sailing a ship with the other hand. Alec Bradley products are always a quality experience.


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Black Market

tomhorn3 on 06/14/15

This cigar was delicious from the first draw to the last. The look and construction are great. Produces solid white ash and a good amount of smoke. Instantly became a go to cigar for me.


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great smoke!

BlueDevilBill on 08/02/15

Excellent smoke. Maduro, but smooth and never bitter. Nice draw. Good combination of med/rich flavor with no harshness. I really liked these! Will buy again.


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great smoke

cig_steve on 06/24/15

A good friend gave me one of these cigars to try out, and wow what a great smoke. Out of AB collection this is one my favorite cigars from this brand.


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Everything and then some.

Jerome J on 12/05/14

I received 5 of these today in a 10 pack I ordered along with 5 Black Abyss. Had to put the fire to one. Let me be just stright. This is a GREAT smoking cigar all around. I can't wait until they go on sale again. For now, I'll have to pace myself with the other 4.


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Chimney1 on 07/10/15

I picked up one of these at a local purveyor because of how much I have heard about them. I am a fan of the medium strength gar because of the difficulty in finding balance between strength and flavor is a good indicator of the quality of a cigar label. And finding the perfect balance is heaven to me. I have heard a lot about the quality of Alec Bradley and, from the start, this cigar didn't disappoint. Just the appearance of the stick is beautiful and screams quality. Chocolate brown without any, and I mean any, soft or hard spots and a flawless wrapper without any discolorations. Upon lighting, I found the draw a tad bit tight but not eye-crossing and the burn was consistent and even producing a tenacious, white, flakey ash without any canoeing or tunneling. I did, however, have to re-light it several times but that was my fault and not the gar's as I was deep in discussion while smoking it. From the unlit smell of the cigar through the shaking and pounding at the end to get as much smoke out of it as possible, it is true to it's name and billing: Cubanesque. I have had a Cuban Montecristo #2 and others and this thing tastes every bit as Cuban as those did. The only knock I have on it in the flavor department is that within 2 inches of the band, it began to take on a bit of harshness and I remember being angry about it because it had been such a great smoke until then. And then I remembered that I only paid $7.00 for it. The harshness that I described is normally eliminated on sticks costing $10.00 or more. But the general flavors remained consistent all the way through the last embers of it. A truely fantastic cigar for the price and in my rating system, I would put it at a 91, overall.


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AB did it again

SleepinWitDaFISH on 08/16/15

Fantastic construction. Great draw. Alec Bradley did it again. Pairs awesome with single malt scotch.