Bolivar Cofradia

Petit · 4.5 × 35 BFPB3

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A perfect quick smoke for the full-bodied aficionado, this little guy is hand-rolled with premium long filler tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua. Its Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper is dark and oily, giving it tastes of rich dark chocolate and dark roast coffee. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 24.
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Cedar Chest of 24

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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf

Honduras / Nicaragua



Dark Brown / Maduro

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memories if bolivar

joey,nj on 05/27/15

The Bolivar Cofradia from Honduras were,was,is an all time favorite as the pleasure of smoking one after dinner is a one way to heaven. For the last 5 or so years this brand was almost extinct or never seen but thanks JR for bringing memories back,quite refreshing.I used to be a big ring,full bodied ,nicaraguan tobacco user but as aging switched to small/petite short smokes under half an hour max.Thanks JR.


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Little Big Man

The Easterner on 09/02/15

In this busy world, everyone needs a pal to spend a little quality time with. The Bolivar Cofradia Petit (maduro) offers a rich little trip into contentment, a short-but-bold joyride that fits hectic lifestyles. This is my favorite smoke of all-time because it condenses all that is good about cigars into a half-hour of bliss. These days, that's just about what I have time for!


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Oh yeah

frumkco on 06/19/15

Because of the small size, the wrapper and binder play a bigger role in the mix, so it's not as quite as oomph-y as the larger sizes, but still very tasty. Smokes anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on you. Great office break or "quick one" after dinner before heading home. My favorite small cigar right now.


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little gnome

joby on 06/14/15

Bolivar Cofradia was and is my all time favorite as the construction,draw,flavor,smell,aroma and satisfaction of a quick ,short half an hour under smoke is thrilling and refreshing.Good value.


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What has happened

Dakota on 06/20/17

I have been buying these for a couple of years and I absolutely loved them. Then I started getting moldy cigars and that finally ended and now the last 3 boxes have tasted like an ash tray. I have to quit buying them.


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What happened to this cigar?

Dakota on 01/13/17

Last few boxes have been very disappointing. This has been my favorite cigar over 90% of the best and expensive cigars I've smoked. Not your fault JR...but you need to talk to factory since you have exclusive on this product. Moldy cigars that taste like an ashtray is going to spell the end of this great line of cigars.


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A petite with a punch.

TomJ on 10/25/16

My favorite petite. Earthy and creamy full body with medium strength IMHO. Tastes are as if concentrated more with these petites. Ideal for a chaser stick after a big one. Plus great construction with ZERO flaws till now.


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Great Cigar

Dakota on 08/22/15

I have ordered 4 boxes of them now and I will always have a supply of them in my Humi. Love the size, it tends to be from 40 minutes up to about an hour depending on my activity. Excellent cigar, strong but balanced with great flavors. I am smoking one right now and love the chocolate, coffee, espresso, flavors that emanate from them. Not a complex smoke just a great flavored, smoke that is very pleasing. I absolutely love them. Don't hesitate on this one I have a buddy who smokes mild cigars that is always wanting to mooch one, he loves them too.