Bering Sabor Especial

Rum Toro · 6 × 50 BER

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This medium-bodied Toro is filled with flavor. It is rolled with a blend of four different vintage tobaccos and is finished up with a nice light Connecticut wrapper. It is then infused with a bold and rich Rum flavor for a delicious and well-made treat. These bundles of 10 are very affordable, so buy them while you can!!
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Honduras / Mexico / Nicaragua


Mild - Medium

Medium Brown / EMS

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Updated but still highly recommended

memgim on 10/09/15

Update!! This is the 3rd one out of the bundle I've smoked and they just get better in the humidor. The flavor is nothing short of smooth. Kinda of a light to medium nutty tone. With a slight earthy cocoa. The rum is awesome not to heavy or overwhelming. Just enough for flavor. The construction is good but the burn is a little off one this one but I think some of it is due to this wrapper having a pretty good size vein on one side. Still highly recommended.


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Consistently inconsistent

aMADhatt3r on 09/03/15

When you light one of these up, you will be assaulted with the taste of alcohol (which I'm not fond of, but I'm sure others will love it). However, as you smoke it, the taste will slowly teeter out to the point where the smoke is actually a bit harsh. I actually put these out about an inch or so before I usually would.


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Enjoyable Rum flavor.

memgim on 09/29/15

Truly an enjoyable smoke. Nice medium flavors with a medium mild Rum that's not to strong. Very enjoyable after a long day or week at work.


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Smooth Rum.

memgim on 09/19/15

This is one of the most under rated cigars I've ever smoked. I just ordered more. Perfect smooth ms flavors of creamy sweet rum. Not to over bearing at all.