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A small corona, the Imperial is a terrific light smoke. It uses tobaccos from Honduras, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic to create a complex yet mild cigar. Its light Connecticut wrapper makes it an easy smoke with an even burn and a very easy draw. It comes in a single aluminum tube to keep the flavor and humidity intact. Buy the Bering Imperials right here at
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JR Price





Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Honduras / Mexico / Nicaragua


Mild - Medium

Medium Brown / EMS

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memgim on 08/27/15

This may be one of JR's best kept secrets. Great mild to medium smoke. Awesome notes of sweet cream and coffee. With hints of leather and for around three bucks I'll be ordering a lot more.


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One at a time

Smoking days on 08/31/15

I have not tried these before and wanted to try them ... Like the price and idea of being in tubes , after trying my first one .. It really did not move me like I had thought it would have.. But it was ok .. Then in the following days tried a few more ... There a cigar that has a little bit of a hard side to them .. There a cigar to fill in between cigars for a quick easy smoke ... Each cigar smokers has his own taste .. My taste is mild to med and each cigar is a experiance ... one must always try to find his love ...


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Great mild cigar.

memgim on 09/05/15

Very good. A little milder than I expected but still very flavorful. Nice sweet cream with just a hint of cedar. Super fresh in the aluminum tube. Also for the price it can't be beat.