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On the medium to fuller bodied side, the European-style Avanti Continental cigars are infused with anisette and are full of the most tasty and aromatic sweet flavors. They are priced extremely low and packed in a unit of 40 cigars that are split up into individual packs of 4 for freshness and convenience.
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10 packs of 4 (40 total)

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Kentucky Dark Fired


Kentucky Dark Fired

United States

Medium - Full

Light Brown / Natural

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Good niche smoke

AJ on 03/25/16

This cigar looks crazy, like a De Nobili Toscano (which is probably what it started life as - same company). It's not straight, has a lot of bumps, etc. It's been infused with a very potent sweet anisette flavor. The flavor will attack your palate. It's actually really good with coffee or by itself, but don't try to pair with wine or spirits. If you grew up with an Italian family and have find memories of after dinner coffee spiked with liqueurs and holiday cookies, this is for you. Just don't except a normal cigar experience.


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Something went wrong!

JC on 05/24/16

all of my shipments are great, but this current one was terrible. The cigars had a very bad after taste. Never had this problem before. Disappointed.