Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Short Story · 4 × 49 AFSS_1

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Hemingway wrote many a short story, but unfortunately, he never lived to smoke one.  This vintage beauty is velvety smooth with deep luxurious flavors that only time and the skilled hands of Fuente and Company can produce.  Packaged as a single cigar.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mild - Medium

Medium Brown / EMS

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Short Story

bangelo on 03/13/15

My favorite small cigar. Perfect for a quick smoke during the winter months


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rpm on 12/23/14

Fine smoke. I recommend the Short Story. Burns great, draws great, tastes great. Short and somewhat mild. Tapered look is less boring than the usual cylinder. Reasonable price.


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The best budget cigar you will ever find

rmill3r on 12/10/14

Sometimes, you need to watch your budget a little more closely than usual while still hoping to enjoy that sweet tobacco taste and aroma you're used to. Sometimes, you just need something short that won't have you sitting outside in the freezing cold tundra of your middle-of-nowhere town (or the coma-inducing heat of your city perfectly placed over the center of Hell itself). In either case, Arturo Fuente's Hemingway Short Story is the be-all, end-all. While personally I think the perfecto tip is pointless other than aligning itself with the "Hemingway" theme, this cigar is nutty, creamy, flavorful and does not wear out its welcome. Perfect for when you don't have a lot of time or just want a short-but-sweet smoke, the Short Story is an excellent example of reservation at its finest. Like one of Hemingway's real-life masterpiece short stories, this cigar gets to the point in a hurry and never stays longer than it should.