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Petit Corona · 5 × 38 AFPC

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The Arturo Fuente Petit Corona proves that a premium cigar doesn’t have to be big to be flavorful. A handsome Cameroon wrapper adds some toasty, nutty flavor notes to the blend. Often overlooked by newer smokers, small-sized cigars offer tons of great taste, especially when the skilled artisans, at Fuente make them. Packaged in a box of 25.
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Box of 25

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Cameroon / Connecticut Broadleaf / Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mild - Medium

Medium Brown / EMS

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The Perfect Petit!

Salmo Trutta on 10/08/15

This little guy gives nothing up to big brother the Cuban Corona. The taste of the wrapper, the beautiful aroma, easy and always consistent draw....I could go on but time and space does not allow it. I will say these are under priced for the quality and a truly amazing smoke. I also enjoy them in the maduro wrapper. These little guys are on the top shelf in my humidor! I grade them at A+ and will enjoy another one this evening!


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Pick some up

Smoked on 01/14/16

I'm a huge fan of this little guy the construction of this cigar is impeccable the flavors are phenomenal pick some up to day


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Fuente Petit Corona

Karn1051 on 12/15/15

A tasty little offering by Fuente that features a Medium body paired with a full flavor profile packed in a small little stick.


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Draw a little tight.

memgim on 12/05/15

The dare on this one was a little tighter than I prefer but still an amazing stick. Great medium flavor of a woodyness with heavy creamy coffee.


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Arturo Fuente Petite Corona RULES!

Jef on 09/24/15

This is most likely the best small cigar in the planet..and maybe the best cigar secret! Amazing Fuente construction always offers effortless draw with a beautiful solid grey/white ash. This little box pressed beauty actually lasts longer than most would believe. From the first light to the point that it gets down to the nub ( and it always does with me!), it is truly one of my guilty pleasures. Both wrappers are equally enjoyable, so I keep both in my humidor as much as possible! If you haven't tried this cigar, you're missing a fabulous experience.