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Named for the cigar-smoking, celebrated American novelist, the Hemingway series by Arturo Fuente Cigars has quickly become one of the most popular All Figurado line in the world.

For smokers that favored Perfectos, or "shaped" cigars, the 1980s were a particularly tough decade. Once extraordinarily popular in the 20s, 30s and 40s, these specific handmade cigars had now all but disappeared from the public eye, as no one in the industry was making shaped cigars.

Then, one day on a trip to Florida, Carlos Fuente Sr. found some old Perfecto molds in a warehouse. With a deep admiration and understanding of this particular style, he brought the molds back to his factory in the Dominican Republic and taught his master roller exactly how to make these difficult smokes. Thus, the Fuente Hemingway series initiated a resurgence of Arturo Fuente cigars into the American market.

These highly respected hand rolled cigars are finely crafted with aged, mild-medium Dominican filler tobaccos, a Dominican binder and a delicate West African Cameroon wrapper. The result is a complex mixture of earth and wood flavors coupled with a crisp, spicy finish. The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Cigars offer a timeless, flavorful smoke you won't want to be without; we offer variations like Short Story, Masterpiece, Between the Lines and more, available as singles, bundles, cedar chests and more. Check out the many Arturo Fuente Cigars for sale and treat yourself to the best of the best.

Each box of premium cigars from Arturo Fuente includes a Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack to maintain the ideal moisture levels for the cigars. Click here to browse our line of innovative Boveda products.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mild - Medium

Medium Brown / EMS

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Business Class Cig; first-class seating with next-to-first-class taste

Steve M. on 04/10/15

My most frequently purchased cigar, is very consistent in what you get; a flavorful, medium bodied smoke with a pleasing aroma and "good" draw (e.g., not difficult, not easy) for a reasonable price. I most often buy the "Best Seller" because it is a shorter smoke but equally good tasting!!


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Benwo on 06/09/15

One of my favorites. Consistently wonderful. I'm a big fan of the Hemmingway line. Smooth and tasty. Always a good smoke.


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good for aspiring writers

lineman on 06/08/15

A very nice smoke. Smooth and consistent burn. Named after Hemingway, it almost inspires you to start writing, or have another whiskey.


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Always delicious.

awburns87 on 06/15/15

One of my favorite offerings from the AF line. It's a great cigar to take your time with and enjoy. Perfect when paired with a root beer! I'll always, always have these on hand.


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Hemingway Signatures

Boris on 02/05/15

this is my all time favorite smoke. I've been buying them in the five pack, the price is very good and shipping time is excellent. BUT-a few of the cigars have been a little dry and have start to unwrap during the smoke. Still a damn good cigar


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an easy relaxing experience

Smoky George on 06/09/15

A very pleasant smoke with an amazing draw and a smooth mild flavor. Any of the Artiro Fiemtes are good but the Hemingway Signature is on the top of my list of favorites.M


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Truckie15 on 07/17/15

Not much Difference from the don Carlos. They almost taste the same. To me that's one thing with these cigars there's not much variety in flavors. All well made and great draws and construction. Arturo are usually my daily smokes.