Arturo Fuente Sun Grown

Cuban Belicoso · 5.75 × 52 AFCBS

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Like all Arturo Fuente cigars, only quality vintage tobaccos and impeccable artistry go into making this stunning Belicoso.  An aroma that is so  incredibly sweet compounds the pleasure of its rich chocolaty flavor. Fellow smokers will follow you around the room just to catch a whiff. Packaged as a Cedar Chest of 24.

One of Cigar Aficionado’s Best Bargain Cigars of 2012. Rated 90.

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Cedar Chest of 24

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

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Tasting much better

Brad on 11/17/15

Purchased a box of these about a month ago, and was extremely disappointed with my first smoke as it had an extremely bitter and unpleasant off-taste to it. I immediately took them out of the box, suspecting the aging wasn’t quite complete, hoping some direct exposure in the humidor would improve things. Tried another a few weeks later, and noted significant improvement, but still a bit off. Had my third a few days ago and was pleasantly rewarded with the typically well balanced spice and flavor I’ve come to expect from Fuentes. I noticed the box was lined with a dark red plastic material that had a chemical odor similar to the nasty taste of the first cigar...still wondering if this was the cause of the bitterness. I’m glad that in just one month out of the box I’m tasting a very good cigar. In fact, I’m now really looking forward to seeing just how much they’re going to improve in time.


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Good cigar

Jaw891 on 11/08/15

This and the queen b are two of my favorite Fuentes. I'd smoke them any time and they are always consistent


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Well rounded.

C Enjay on 10/22/15

The Sun Grown Belicosa is the exact cigar that Kickstarter my infatuation with the Fuente family line of products. Excellent blend of spice and flavor, beautiful appearance, and price point make it one of the well rounded cigars.


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Spot on on 10/20/15

If you think of something bad to say about this smoke let me know because I can't the construction burn flavor all spot on


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Not bad like the flavor

Dmoney300 on 10/20/15

These are a good smoke but I wasted a few because the draw was horrible. I enjoy the flavor and it's a good cigar just too many stems make a hard draw.