Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cubans

1958 Corona Major · 5.62 × 44 58CM

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Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cuban 1958 Corona Major cigars are darn near close to authentic Cuban cigars. Crafted in Nicaragua, they are wrapped in attractive and flavorful Ecuador Sumatra leaves and provide lots of robust, rich, and full-bodied flavors that are pleasantly aromatic and feature a long enjoyable finish. Uniquely packaged in half wheels of 50 that are tied with a microstiched saddle bearing the Cuban warranty seal, these Cuban-style smokes are available for a great price online at JR Cigar.
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Cedar Chest of 50

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Ecuador Sumatra

Ecuador Sumatra

Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS

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Pre-embargo Cubans

Bruce Davies on 05/21/15

The pre-embargo counterfeit Cubans are an excellent buy. The price is right. They are indeed 'full-bodied' and not for the novice smoker. Good taste and good construction. This is my go-to daily smoke.


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Pleasantly Surprised

Mike on 10/05/15

It has a very Cuban-like profile. It is nutty, creamy, a little leather, and some floral sweetness in the last third to go with it. It is a really good medium-plus smoke. My only issue was that it takes a slower pace than I'm use to. If you go too fast or too slow the burn gets a little uneven. It still only required two touch ups. Those were a result of finding the right pace. I really wish they sold these in 20 count bundles.


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great 4th o july on 07/06/15

took them to a 4th O' July party only brought eight with me ,I smoked 2 gave 2 to the homeowner watched him smoke it down like it was a joint, everyone else loved them too