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Edgar Hoill OSOK

Travieso 5.5 × 54 OSOKT5

The creation of Edgar Hoill, gritty Hollywood photographer turned cigarmaker, and the famed Christian Eiroa, the Edgar Hoill OSOK. Travieso is a potent premium puro handmade in a stout little 5.5 x 54 tapered shape with a rustic unfinished foot.

Standing for the photography term, "One Shot, One Kill," OSOK. handmade premium cigars are built with a recipe of all-Nicaraguan long-filler leaf finished in a lush wrapper leaf in a rich medium-brown color. But don't let that wrapper's soft and smooth appearance fool you; the Edgar Hoill OSOK. Travieso is probably not for smokers brand-new to the cigar lifestyle. Targeting the palate with zesty complexity, the Edgar Hoill OSOK. Travieso has a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile and heavy-duty, hearty blend sure to satisfy the seasoned smoker. Searching for something robust and rugged in an expertly tapered shape? Then set your sights on the Edgar OSOK. Travieso, packaged in a pack of 5, when buying premium handmade cigars online.

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