Paradigm (25-Cigar) 3PSHCC

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This revolutionary passive-humidification system features a unique evaporative, antimicrobial, and antifungal material with a surface that never completely dries out, unlike standard florist foam commonly used in cigar humidifiers; as long as there's water in the unit, your humidor will maintain a steady 70% humidity level. Capable of holding 75% more distilled water than other comparably sized humidifiers, the Paradigm can effectively last up to three months before needing a refill, does not require any additional chemical solutions, and humidifies up to 25 cigars.

Length: 3 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
Height: 1 inch
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Great for smaller humidors.

FallenKnight on 09/08/15

Folks this is a great product. I suggest them for all your humidors. I have purchased several in different sizes for my humidors, and they all work great. Just put them in the humidor and let them do what they do. Simple as that.


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Maintaining Humidor Moisture

Offset on 03/10/17

Bought two of these humidors (the larger version was out of stock). Followed the instructions for preparing the unit of use. After two weeks it is holding the moisture perfectly with about 30 cigars in the humidor. Please with its performance.


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Bonnie on 03/05/17

this is the second humidor I have purchased from JR Cigars. The first one was a small round gold one. It would not hold any liquid even after soaking for several hours. I left msg with help desk and did not get a response. Then I ordered this one. It did come with set up instructions but did not come with the back plate as stated instructions it also does not hold the moisture for more than two days. Your cigars are very good but your accessories are not.