Paradigm (125-Cigar) 3PSH3

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This revolutionary passive-humidification system features a unique evaporative, antimicrobial, and antifungal material with a surface that never completely dries out, unlike standard florist foam commonly used in cigar humidifiers; as long as there's water in the unit, your humidor will maintain a steady 70% humidity level. Capable of holding 75% more distilled water than other comparably sized humidifiers, the Paradigm can effectively last up to three months before needing a refill, does not require any additional chemical solutions, and humidifies up to 125 cigars.

Length: 3.5 inches
Width: 3 inches
Height: 1 inch
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Easiest and best way to treat your smokes the right way!

tbear79072 on 08/26/15

Found this on a JR's auction. So far so good. Humidity holding about 68-72% depending on the weather. Was easy to use. Soak in distilled water, dry off and place in humidor. Couldn't be any easier. Comes with magnets to mount in your humidor or if you want just lay it inside. Before you buy compare JR's price with other dealers you will see JR's is cheaper. They make these in different sizes. So no matter what size humidor you have you can use this humidifier. I have a big humidor for storage and a smaller everyday humidor. I open the big once a week or so and fill the small one for daily use. That way temp and humidity stay constant on the cigars that are aging. There are humidifiers that cost less but look at these and how easy they are to use. Spend the extra you will not be disappointed. In fact you may throw your other ones away and use these for all your humidors once you try them. Just be sure your humidor is seasoned and ready to go. If not take a couple of days and season it then install this unit. You won't see a drop in humidity at all!


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It can't get easier than this!

tbear79072 on 08/31/15

This jewel comes with all you need to mount it in your humidor in the box. All you do is soak it in distilled water only for ten minutes. Wipe the outside dry and you are done. Place it where you want it in your humidor and let it go to work. Has constantly maintained a 68%-72% humidity level in my humidor. I use this one for aging my smokes. I have one for everyday that I stock so this one can stay shut and maintain the humidity. Getting ready to buy another humidor about the same size as what I have. My next purchase after the humidor will be another of these humidifiers to go in it. Can let cigars age for months or years if I want and with these humidifiers I don't have to worry about them drying out.