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Xikar X-Treme 15-Cigar 3MAX15

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Airtight, watertight, and crushproof, this Xikar X-Treme travel case is constructed with super-strong ABS molded plastic, a silicone seal, stainless-steel hinges and latches, and a molded lock ring and locking clasp for added security. High-density urethane foam cradles up to 15 Churchill-sized smokes, while a mini-humidifier keeps them fresh.

Exterior Dimensions
Length: 8.5 inches
Width: 4.5 inches
Height: 4 inches

Tip: While squeezing the closed and latched case, flip each latch open and then reclose. This pushes excess air out of the case, making it easier to open later.
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Traveler DEAL!

Retired COP on 05/28/15

BEST VALUE for this traveler!. Took it on the plane for a recent vacation in Las Vegas and it worked great. Opened it at the hotel and my cigars (also ordered from JR) were as fresh as the day I received them. I've seen this same Traveler in my local cigar store for $31.95! Come on Now! That's Highway Robbery! Order with JR and cut the cost in half! Thanks Guys! This was to easy!


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Cigar Caddy Traveling Humidor on 10/24/15

I bought a second one, The boxes are so good at keeping cigars fresh they are worth every penny . They are air tight and tough as they come you can't hardly break one. I highly recommend these boxes.


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Better than my Glass Top Humidor.

Cigar Newbie on 04/28/16

I already had a small travel humidor that holds 5 Cigars. I liked it so much I wanted a second one. This larger one that holds 15 cigars was only $5 more than the small one. I throw one of those Boveda 75% humidity packs in each one and they cigars are fresher than when I bought them.


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Travel Humidore.

FDNYENGINEER on 04/18/16

This is a nice travel case well made and secure and since it is plastic it is crush proof.It holds up to 15 churchills with foam padding between every 5 cigars plus a humidifier built into the top. I wanted a case that would hold enough cigars for a week and this is ideal.I got this on the auction so I was able to save a few bucks. I am a jr plus member so I saved the shipping cost.I think the plus membership is a great deal,before I rarely bought a 5 pack because I didn`t want to pay the shipping but now I can buy as much as I want and not have to worry about the shipping.