Boveda Humidity Pack 72 3HP72

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The world's first 2-way humidity control! Boveda Humidity Packs are a revolutionary product that will maintain humidity in your humidor within +/- 2.5% Rh. They're bi-directional and will actually remove moisture from a humidor that is too moist and then maintain the relative humidity that you choose. The humidity level for this pack is 72%.
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You need way more than 1...

Private on 03/10/15

I ordered 5 of these, with the intention of having backups as they lost their ability to maintain an acceptable RH. Now I understand the instructions say that a 50 cigar humidor will require 2-3 of the packs in order to maintain the advertised RH, but after putting two in and waiting 24hrs with the humidor closed the entire time, the RH was less than 50%. I added a third pack (the humidor only has 25 cigars in it which is why I went with 2 initially), and waited another 24hrs, when I checked the RH had risen all the way to 60%! To get the 69% RH I desire for my cigars, I had to put all 5 packs in a humidor that should have only taken 2-3. At almost $25 with shipping for 5 packs, I think I will stick to a diffusing sponge and distilled water.


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Great for vacation

rodgerc on 03/18/15

I use 1 pack 72 for 10-15 cigars, in a travel humidor that closes by zipper. I always use this when we cruise. Works perfect!