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Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 These theee cigars are all on my Excellent list. Tasty, wonderful aroma, well constructed, and burns well. Will buy more anytime! 5 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 Probably hard to find a better trio of cigars, especially featuring distinctive flavors and strength. Of course, Macanudo is the lightest, but it is an excellent morning smoke. I am particularly fond of the 1875's from Romeo. They are just so smooth, great draw, with the flavor to savor. The Montecristo is dang good also. Just a great set to have on hand. 5 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 Been a Macanudo fan for years; it's what I gave out when my kids were born. Always like the consistency of the Hyde Park. The Montechristo by AJ Fenandez are outstanding. The only reason I don't give five stars is that the Romeo 1875s will not draw. Five star Macunudo and Montechristo. Zero Star Romeo 1875. 4 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 This was a nice sampler in all respects. Although I enjoyed all of the cigars the Romeo 1875's had both construction and draw issues 4 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 02/26/20 Good sampler This was a good sampler in most respects. I am enjoying all of the cigars but the Romeo 1875's had draw issues; difficult to smoke more than half a stick. 4 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 This is a good combo for the novice in order to try out what is considered light, med. and full. I usually smoke at least 2 of the same cigars before reviewing them and that's what I did this time. The Macanudo Hyde Park is a favorite and always a welcomed cigar that has excellent draw, smooth taste, top notch construction and even burning qualities. These samples were no different. The Romeo & Julieta is one of my favorite cigars that has just the right everything, including strength, that I like in a cigar. Excellent draw, smooth, nutty taste, excellent construction and all around easy to smoke. The Montecristo is another story. Very uneven burn. I had to relight too many times due to air pockets and bad construction and it is just too strong for my palate. It had the taste of burning paper and I really could not get to the end without complaints about the lack of tobacco taste and poor construction. Every one seems to love the Montecristo by A.J. Fernandez but it's just not my cup of tobacco. Maybe my 5 were the only bad ones in the line. 4 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 Big deals are usually bad stuff mixed in with a little good to move the bad inventory The good here are the Macs The Romeos have a very difficult draw and the Montes burn so uneven after 1/3 they look like the intake of an F15 fighter 3 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 Good stuff 5 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 Have only tried the Macanudo so far which was truly great even after being relighted ! Just quit smoking cigarettes after open heart surgery so I am being very conservative. So far no complaints!! 5 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 I have been with JR and I have not been disappointed with the quality of sticks I get. Each brand has an distinctive flavor and you will very smell like you’ve had a cheap cigar. Awesome company 5 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 This cigar samples are a royal combination of cigars. There are different cigars for different occasions so you can relax and have a nice time wherever you are. 5 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 Good cigars. Draw and taste perfect 5 5 1
Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 Cigars arrived fresh and in great condition. 5 5 1

Cigar Samplers

Monte-Juli-Nudo No. 3 6 × 50 MJN3

The Monte- Juli- Nudo No# 3 Cigar Sampler features three legendary premium cigars gathered together in one affordable 15-count package. In quantities of five each, you get the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Gran Toro, Macanudo Hyde Park, and the Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez cigars. What makes this assortment so versatile and enticing, is that the strength profiles range from the mellow and creamy Hyde Park, to the rich and nutty medium strength Romeo y Julieta 1875 Grand Toro, all the way up the full bodied “Cubanesque” Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez. This amounts to a satisfying smoking experience from the moment you wake up to that last tasty cigar of the day. All while providing you with an abundance of rich, scrumptious flavors that makes Macanudo, Romeo y Julieta, and Montecristo three of the most popular brands on the planet!
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