The New JR Auctions App

JR Cigar is proud to introduce the all-new, easy to use JR Auctions app, available in the Google Play Store for Android devices. This is your chance to bid on premium cigars, machine made cigars, 5-packs, 10-packs, bundles, samplers, humidors and other cigar accessories, and more to win them for the lowest prices online. With the auction app right at your fingertips, taking on the auctioneer and making an offer has never been easier. Bid, win, and save!

We offer a variety of cigar auctions for you to take advantage of to get the best discounts on your favorite cigars and accessories:

Classic Auctions
Featuring several new options daily, each auction runs for 3 days. You choose how high the price goes, so bid carefully!

Dutch Auctions

Featuring daily and weekly cigar lots allowing you to bid on multiple quantities of the same cigars or accessories at once. Why bid on a single item when you can grab a deal on more? 

Free Fall Auctions

Created for the bidding strategists and risk-takers alike, make an offer before the auction begins, or try to grab it at a killer price when the Free Fall begins. The strategy is all up to you!

Rapid Fire Auctions
Perfect for the action loving cigar aficionado, watch the price fall and buy it when it drops to what you're willing to pay. Try and hold out for the best price, but don't let someone else snap up the smokes before you do!

Sunday Auctions

Every Sunday, we offer a variety of cigars for you to bid on. With super-low starting prices on top-notch stogies, you’ll have the chance to save huge!

This groundbreaking cigar app also features easy to use filters to allow you to sort by brand, packaging, size, and region, as well as auctions you are winning (or losing!), newly listed, trending, ones you are watching, and more. We want to ensure you have the absolute best experience on your device and are able to get the best premium cigars and accessories at the lowest prices on the web as fast and easy as possible!