One of the most important cigar accessories that any smoker will ever need is an ashtray, and Xikar Cigar Ashtrays offer some of the best looking and most practical choices in the industry. Xikar believes an ashtray should complement any smoking environment, so they have created several models that really standout from the crowd. The popular Xikar Cigar Ashtray collection includes the elegant Wave that’s available in numerous eye-catching colors that feature oversized cigar rests made to accommodate six different cigars at once. With the aesthetic appeal of a high-performance racing car hubcap, the Xikar Burnout Ashtray will be the centerpiece of your cigar den. The removable metal wheel lid accommodates six full-length premium cigars, and, the ash receptacle is greatly oversized, meaning fewer empties, and more time spent happily smoking with your friends. A wonderful choice for your daily commute, or traveling to your favorite destination, the Xikar Metal Car Ashtray Is constructed of pure stainless steel with a built-in cigar holder and a deep well, so your ashes will never hit the floor. Check out our full line of modestly priced Xikar Cigar Ashtrays, all sold right here at JR Cigar for the best prices on the web and find the one that’s right for you.
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