Our in-house cigar gurus are at it again — but for the last time. They've chosen 6 trustworthy premium smokes that they enjoy frequently and put together honest cigar reviews for each. They've also created an outstanding Expert Picks Sampler for April that'll give you the chance to try each of their first-class cigar picks from world-famous brands, including Headley Grange, the brand-new WitchDoktor, Henry Clay, Romeo y Julieta, Alec Bradley, and Oliva, yourself for only $24.95! That's a savings of more than 45% off the regular retail price. April is the last month we will be featuring this sampler, so make sure to get yours now. To receive a sampler of cigars each month that are picked out by these great guys, join the JR Cigar of the Month Club! Each sampler includes 1 of each of the following cigars along with a Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack to keep them fresh:

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Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto

Robusto ·5.25 ×52 ·EMS

The top-quality chocolate brown Corojo wrapper covering the Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto is the first sign of great things to come- and it only gets better! This four-nation blend makes up the perfect medium-bodied smoke with well-balanced notes of earth, chocolate, coffee and spice. In true Alec Bradley fashion, the flawlessly crafted Sanctum Robusto is slow burning, aged to perfection, and delicious!

Headley Grange Black Dog Estupendous

Estupendos ·5.5 ×52 ·Maduro

Being a huge Crowned Heads fan, I had very high hopes for the popular Headley Grange Black Dog Estupendous- and this dark and oily 5 x 52 gem actually exceeded my expectations! Aesthetically stunning, this slow burning gem filled my palate with solid medium-bodied flavors of dark chocolate and coffee. In addition, Estupendos delightful background notes of raisins, cocoa, and sweet spice added even more layers of complexity to this wonderful blend. This top-quality maduro is a pure joy to smoke!

Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed Dark Embrace

Embrace ·5 ×52 ·EMS

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One of the feistier flavored Romeo’s, the Star Crossed Dark Embrace is a Robusto sized stick with plenty of character. This beautifully constructed smoke starts very peppery, but quickly settle downs to introduce a tapestry of sweet and spicy core flavors that make every puff a new and enchanting experience. Slow burning, aromatic, and medium to full body in strength, Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed Dark is a premium treat that you will surely want to Embrace!

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Double Toro

Churchill ·7 ×50 ·Natural

My motto used to be “the stronger the better” that is until I experienced the Oliva Connecticut Reserve Double Toro. Although mild to medium bodied in strength, this hefty smoke delivers a creamy mouthful of flavor with notes of wood, coffee, cream, and caramel. This versatile cigar is not only perfect with that first cup of morning “joe” it also pairs beautifully with a juicy steak and a dark imported Ale.

WitchDoktor Robusto

Robusto ·5 ×52 ·Oscuro

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You can always count on AJ Fernandez to make a fantastic premium cigar, and the WitchDoktor Robusto is yet another fine addition to his ever-growing portfolio of highly rates sticks! This square-pressed, and Sumatra wrapped Nicaraguan beauty delivers a bevy of complex notes that include coffee, chocolate, leather, and spice. In addition to its substantially yummy robust flavor, I found myself totally seduced by the smoky sweet aged tobacco aroma.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto

Robusto ·5 ×50 ·Maduro

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Filled with a three-nation blend of vintage tobaccos, the Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto is simply overflowing with old world Cuban style flavor. Full-bodied in strength, Stalk Cut just kept getting better and better with every puff. Earth, coffee bean, dark chocolate, leather, spice, and everything nice, had me lighting up another just as soon as the first one was finally retired. I will unabashedly say that the top-quality Henry Clay Stalk Cut Robusto is so darn good that it deserves its very own humidor!