Our in-house cigar enthusiasts are at it again. They've picked out 6 of their most dependable cigars and created honest reviews for each. They've also put together a remarkable Expert Picks Sampler for October that'll give you the chance to try each of their top-shelf selections firsthand. And it's only $19.95! That's a savings of more than 46% off the regular retail price. Each sampler includes 1 of each of the following cigars:

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Maria Mancini Magic Mountain Maduro

Magic Mountain ·6 ×54 ·Maduro

This highly rated Cuban-style; box-pressed cigar with a very flavorful H2000 wrapper is creamy, dense, well packed, and pressed with a rich blend of aged fillers. The natural-wrapped sizes are spicy and peppery, while the dark black Costa Rican maduro wrappers have a mellower, earthy flavor. For well over twenty years, Maria Mancini has been the choice for medium-full bodied cigars smokers that appreciate outstanding quality and flavor at an astonishingly reasonable price. This brand is one of the best values in our whole inventory.

Villainy Cold Case

Cold Case ·6 ×54 ·EMS

Dark earth, spice, and espresso sweep in and grab your palate, much like the villains in the silent films of the past. This cigar, while giving a nod to a long-gone movie era, has all the flavors and aromas that make a cigar great. Even without the impressive packaging, this is an incredible cigar. Embrace the dark...embrace Villainy!

Uncharted Toro

Toro ·6 ×52 ·Maduro

 Buy a box, get 5 Uncharted Robustos, valued at $30.00, absolutely free!

Knowing our own Assassin doesn’t care for grocery stores, and not wanting him to resort to eating cat food, we were relieved that he signed up for the local meals-on-wheels service. Since his deliveryman is a cigar lover, I told him to tip with a few Uncharted, featuring one of A.J. Fernandez’s greatest blends yet. Oily, rich, and sweet, it’s a phenomenal, complex smoke.

El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua Principale

Principale ·6.25 ×54 ·EMS

The Honduran El Rey Principale was one of my “Go-To” cigars for over a decade, so when it’s Nicaraguan cousin hit the market; I was more than excited to try it. The El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua Principale is a mouthful to pronounce and a joy to smoke. Upon pre-light inspection I was highly impressed with its oily Honduras Olancho San Agustin Sun Grown wrapper. This baby was oily, smooth, and very well packed. Flavor wise this 6.25 × 54 is simply magnificent. The cigar starts with a peppery blast that quickly succumbs to its core flavors of sweet spice, cocoa, espresso, nuts, and black cherry. A natural underlying sweetness adds incredible depth to this smoke, and the warm toasty aroma is extremely soothing.

Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero

Caballero ·6 ×50 ·Maduro

When you pair two cigar legends Pete Johnson with Jaime Garcia, and produce a cigar at the famous My Father Cigar factory in Nicaragua, you know you are in for something special! The Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero is hefty 6.00 x 50 vitola that displays a gorgeous, and aromatic, nut-brown Ecuador Habano wrapper. Upon opening the box, the wafting aroma of well-aged tobacco invigorates the senses. During the first third, this big boy burned extremely slow while sweet and spicy flavors took turns teasing my palate. The last third introduced notes of caramel, espresso, and leather into the mix making for an incredibly complex and solid medium-bodied smoking experience. Great right down to the nub, the Caballero gets three thumbs up!

Montecristo Platinum Series Toro

Toro ·6 ×50 ·EMS

 Buy a box, get 10 Cigars, valued at $69.80, for only $10.00!

With so many great Montecristo cigars in the company portfolio, the Platinum always ranks near the top of my favorites list. Montecristo Platinum Series Toro is like an old friend that never lets me down. Having smoked tons of them, I always get the same results. These exquisite 6 x 50 cigars always offer a rich, smooth, silky smoke that is comparable to the finest handmade Cubano. Its super- slow and even burn, uncompromising flavor, and sweet aroma always has me coming back for more. If you haven’t already smoked a Platinum, you don’t know what you’re missing!