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Welcome to the JR Cigar Daily Dutch Auction. Bidding on auction items has become a favorite pastime of internet users. Now you can get in on the action as well! JRCigars.com invites you to bid on a variety of different handmade premium cigars every day. There will be 10 boxes of each cigar available to bid on with incredibly low starting bids. The auctions will run for 12 hours only - 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST, and a new set will start the next day. We will not be sending daily email reminders so please check our site, Monday through Sunday, to find out what great, money-saving items we have up on the auction block for you to bid on. You decide how high the price goes and the quantity that you want, so bid carefully!

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The date and time is 2/10/2016 - 7:54 am EST

Sorting Feature

Our new sorting feature has been divided into three categories: Product Type, Cigar Brands and Wrapper Color. These pull down menu results will only have options in them if an item with that criteria is a current auction. For example, if a box of H.Upmann is in a current auction, then H. Upmann will show up in the Cigar Brands list.

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