We’re in the middle of our epic Customer Appreciation Week here at JR and putting together all these great deals is not easy! In fact, it might be driving us slightly…mad! Have you seen these prices? Hahahahaha! In fact, the voices in my head have instructed me to offer another deal. Another deal! Ha! And on Macanudo? Macanudo, one of the best-selling premium cigars on the planet! Here’s what we’ll do for ya…Buy any box of 20 or more from any Macanudo line or any 100-count unit of Macanudo Ascots, get a free 5-pack of Macanudo Café Hyde Park + free standard shipping! Any Macanudo line, including Café, Cru Royale, Gold Label, Robust… all of them! This deal’s only good for a limited time, or at least until the meds kick in and we’re sane again… so get ‘em while you can!