Cohiba Madness! This Month, Save $30.00 On Select Boxes Of Cohiba Cigars!

Remember back in the day when a cartoon bird went cuckoo for a bowl of cereal? Now that we're all adults, it's safe to say that we're not bouncing up and down over a bowl of sugar-filled puffs. Now, if we're talking about a fantastic premium cigar like a Cohiba, then forgive us if we do lose our minds just a bit! During the month of November, we're going Crazy for Cohiba, and slashing an insane $30.00 off boxes of 16 or more of Cohiba Dominican, Black, Macassar, and Nicaragua!

Serious cigar smokers know that you can count on Cohiba to deliver a luxurious, satisfying smoke. A rich and refined cigar, Cohiba's expertly constructed blends offer the pinnacle of smoking indulgence with every puff. Whether you choose the smooth and flavorful Dominican, the captivating, intensely dark Black, the new, ultra-premium Macassar, or the bold, delicious Nicaragua, you're in for a pleasurable smoking experience that you'll just go bonkers over!

Offer expires Thursday, 11/30/17 at 11:59PM.

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