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Pom cigars are pocket-friendly, flavorful, and highly affordable little machine-made cigarillos produced by the prestigious Swisher International Company in the Dominican Republic. Flavor infused cigar smokers on the go have a choice of three delectable blends that includes White Grape, regular grape, and the original Pom Pom Sweets, for those who prefer a smooth tobacco taste, enhanced with just the perfect touch of rich vanilla sweetness. All three blends boast a 4.50 × 28 size that wastes no time in getting to the heart of its mouthwatering flavors and lovely fragrant aromas. These top-notch cigars are sold in three packs, with 15 of these tasty treats in each resealable pouch, so they arrive to your door fresh and ready to smoke without the need for a humidor or any sort of further humidification. Find your favorite Pom Pom blends right here at JR Cigar and enjoy scrumptious flavors every time you take a quick smoking break from your busy day.

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