Marsh Wheeling Rough Cut cigars harken back to the days of those old classic western movies where the hero rode into town on his horse with a scruffy unshaven face and a rustic stogie sticking out of his mouth. Rough Cut cigars live up to their name with a shaggy unfinished foot protruding from its golden-brown Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. As Americana as they come, the cigars are filled with top-quality fire-cured tobaccos from Kentucky that have been aged to perfection. Available in four Cheroot-style 4x32 sizes, the Classic is a non-aromatic blend, while Berry, Sweet Aromatic, and Honey Bee are infused with the perfect touches of delectable casings. Each size comes to you in 10 resealable pouches, with five of these tasty treats in each pouch. Whichever Rough Cut cigar style that you choose, you’ll savor a delicious medium bodied smoke coming from a renowned brand that’s been pleasing smokers since 1840!
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