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Djarum Black Classic Cigars are a very popular line of machine-made cigarillos with a long and loyal following of smokers that are enamored with its exotic flavor profiles. Produced in Indonesia, the Djarum Black Classic line includes the original Black line along with the Ivory, Gold , Emerald, Silver , and Ruby cigars that are all top sellers in their own right. Each cigar in the series is composed of homogenized tobacco used for the wrapper and binder, encasing an undisclosed blend of various short filler leaves. The original Djarum Black Classic cigars provide distinct tasting notes of black peppery spices, clove, and leather, backed by the perfect hints of sweet vanilla, while all of the other blends offer comparable flavor profiles but provide their own unique flavorful twist. Every Djarum Black Classic cigar is manufactured in a petite 3.50 × 20 size that can easily fit inside your jacket, shirt pocket, or backpack, making it the perfect carry along for golfing, fishing, camping, and in some cases it’s a great option for smokers on the go that don’t have time to kick back and relax with a full size handmade premium cigar. These fabulous cigars are sold in a 10/6pk offering filled with 60 of these fabulous cigars. Order your favorites from JR Cigar today, and find out why Djarum Black Classic cigars have been pleasing the needs of everyday smokers for well over 65- years.
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