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We bet you never knew this, but the Toraño family has a top-secret book of blends that dates all the way back to 1982. Inside, they have formulations and concepts for new premium-cigar blends, which are hidden in an undisclosed vault two miles below the plantation in a tunnel that is guarded by angry Rottweilers 24 hours a day (this information was conveyed to us by a very unreliable source so please don’t share it until it can be confirmed). Well, the family tapped into this nucleus of untapped blends and released Vault A-008, which turned out to be a huge success and earned a 92 rating!

Good news: Another new blend has been released from this treasure trove of Charlie Toraño’s guarded secrets. Yep, another premium handmade cigar recipe has been taken out of cold storage and put into production.

Introducing the Toraño Vault D-042. The D-042 affords the discerning smoker a solid full-bodied strength profile balanced with Nicaraguan and Pennsylvania broadleaf long fillers. (Yes, Pennsylvania filler! Pennsylvania is home of the original cheesesteak, the Philadelphia Eagles, and now Toraño long-filler tobacco!) Then this unique blend is dressed in an Ecuador Habano wrapper for a full-bodied mixture so unique and flavorful… well, we’ll let you be the judge. And trust us, if it took over 30 years to create this premium handmade cigar, you are going to love it!
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