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The Toraño family has been making premium handmade cigars for more than three generations, with the family’s first cigar being rolled and sold in 1916 in Havana, Cuba. For many years, the Toraños made private labels for other top-shelf cigar distributors, however by the mid 1990′s they started their own brand of top-quality cigars under the Toraño family name. Today the company has grown immensely popular by offering a staggering array of complex cigar blends with tobacco from a variety of different countries. The vast Toraño lineup contains a plethora of top-rated cigar blends that will appeal to every palate. “Make Time to Burn” is the Toraño company motto, and after you check out this selection of outstanding stogies ranging from mellow to full body and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect Toraño Family Cigar to burn. Order your favorite Toraño blend today at JR Cigars!

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