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If you started your cigar smoking journey in the 1960’s up until the late 1980’s you probably came to realize that Te Amo cigars were one the world's most recognized premium brands. It seemed like just about every cigar shop in every major city and town was adorned with the Te-Amo logo sign clearly visible on its façade to pique your interest. Even without the blatant advertising, these affordable puros (meaning that it's made with only Mexican tobaccos), had a fiercely loyal smoking public, crowning it the undisputed king of Mexican cigars.

Unfortunately, Te-Amo has been the victim of many a bad review over the last couple of decades, because pure Mexican tobaccos have a distinctive earthy, peppery, and leathery robust edge that has scared off many modern-day smokers from even giving it a chance. Nonetheless, if you follow our guidance, the original Te-Amo cigars offer a solidly packed smoke that delivers rich, bold medium bodied flavors that compare favorably, and sometimes better than any of the more popular premium cigars on the market today.

However, if you are still not completely sold on the original blend, the company has added the Te-Amo World Selection Series cigars to their lineup that will appeal to a new generation of smokers. The Te-Amo World Series consists of the Dominican Robusto, Dominican Toro, and a Nicaraguan Toro lines that features a magnificent selection of wrapper, binder, and filler leaves from the world’s top tobacco-growing nations. Not to be left out of this new trend, the Turrent family, the largest tobacco growers in all of Mexico, decided to seek out new tobacco leaves and explore new flavors with their line of Te-Amo Revolution cigars. These gorgeous square-pressed boutique style gems use the finest vintage Nicaraguan and Mexican tobaccos from the fertile San Andres Valley, to put a fresh new full-bodied spin on the original Te-Amo blend.

All told, we think it may be time for you to ignore the naysayers and add one these tasty Te-Amo blends to your next online order from JR Cigar!

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